Rambles & Shambles and Everything in Between


My life feels like a perpetual state of unfinished.  As I may have mentioned before my kitchen is in a state of construction and has been for almost 10 years (about 9 as my dog…Continue Reading

D&D Writing

Since I’m focused on writing more, I’ve been hoping to spend more time doing D&D planning for my campaign of the Phoenixborn.  The campaign concept is fun to write and it’s all in my head…Continue Reading


So it’s been a week and a bit since I posted last, but most of that has been spent working, sleeping, and planning and stressing.  My husband and I have been working on the backyard…Continue Reading


So my husband and I have been dealing with a neighbour who is building a mansion beside our small little home.  The mansion is 4,000 square feet not including the basement and on a small…Continue Reading

Da Dum…

Every night when I get home I sit down and play a game on my phone before making dinner.  Now my husband works nights but thankfully I live with my best friend so I’m not…Continue Reading


After a productive weekend working outside in the gardens, I’m happy to say that the trees in my backyard that threatened to take out my neighbor’s pool are finally gone.  Over the weekend we planted…Continue Reading